36th Annual Lawyer of the Americas Banquet

On April 4th, 2018, the Inter-American Law Review hosted its 36th Annual Lawyer of the Americas Banquet and honored Ambassador Sue M. Cobb, former Ambassador to Jamaica and former Secretary of State of Florida.

Ambassador Sue M. Cobb, J.D. ’78 is president of the Cobb Family Foundation, former Ambassador to Jamaica, Secretary of State of Florida, CEO of the Florida Lottery, partner at Greenberg Traurig and multi-year member and three times Chair of the Miami Federal Reserve. She is currently a Trustee of Washington, D.C. based Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Council of American Ambassadors, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Association of Diplomatic Studies and Training.  Sue is a graduate of the UM School of Law and remains active on both the Law School and Athletic Policy Committees. Ambassadors Sue and Chuck Cobb are long-time contributors to the University of Miami. Many scholarships have also been funded through their generosity. Both Ambassadors have been officers and directors of public, private, and charitable boards and have received numerous awards including national honors from both Jamaica and Iceland. A graduate of Stanford University, Ambassador Cobb is a skilled alpine skier and high-altitude climber, who has scaled mountains worldwide and published ‘The Edge of Everest,’ a chronicle of her travels across China and Tibet and her climb of Mt. Everest.

36th Annual Lawyer of the Americas Banquet Program

Ambassador Chuck Cobb and Ambassador Sue M. Cobb, 36th Annual Lawyer of the Americas Award Recipient

Award recipient Ambassador Sue M. Cobb with distinguished members of the Inter-American legal community and student members of the Inter-American Law Review

Award recipient Ambassador Sue M. Cobb addresses banquet attendees

Photo credit: Jenny Abreu