Volume 45, Issue 1

Prefatory Matter

Prefatory Matter and Table of Contents



Volume 45:1 Expanding Online Universe, Shrinking Globe
Jamie Lynn Vanaria


All Judicial Politics Are Local: The Political Trajectory of Judicial Reform in Haiti
Louis-Alexandre Berg

Facilitando the Cloud: Data Protection Regulation as a Driver of National Competitiveness in Latin America
Horacio E. Gutierrez & Daniel Korn

Lotteries and Public Policy in United States and Commonwealth Caribbean Law: Scrutinizing the Success of Lotteries as a Voluntary and “Painless” Tax
Stephen J. Leacock

The Extradition Treaty Between Jamaica and the United States: Its History and the Saga of Christopher “Dudus” Coke
Kenneth L. Lewis, Jr.

Student Notes/Comments

Chafin v. Chafin: Protecting a U.S. Parent’s Power to Litigate International Abductions
Monique Vieites

Lost at Sea: Rescuing Cruise Line Crewmembers From the Perils of Foreign Arbitration
Thomas P. White

Ruiz v. Robinson: Stemming the U.S. Citizen Casualties in the War of Attrition Against Undocumented Immigrants
Andrew R. Verblow, Esq.

The Padilla Wrecking Ball: Advocating for Change in Post-Padilla Jurisprudence to Address What Really Ails the Immigration System’s Treatment of Noncitizen Defendants in the Post-Conviction Context
Daniel McDermott


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