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Protecting Investment Structures in Latin America: The Panama Annulment of an Ecuador Law Award Against Non-Signatories

By: Rita Halabi 1.              Introduction Most people are risk averse.  That explains why thirty-day return policies and free flight cancellations exist.  That bungee-jumping and sky diving are considered “extreme” rather than “mainstream” sports equally supports the conclusion that by and large, people tend to avoid risk. As it happens, the same is true for investors, […]

The Road from Commisa: Implications for Public Private Arbitration in Mexico

By: Joshua Lechuga 1.  Introduction The last five decades have witnessed a remarkable growth in the rise of public-private contracts and related disputes. On one hand, populist governments have attempted to push to further restrict the arbitration of public contracts.  On the other hand, countries like the U.S. treat public private contracts as if they […]

The Brazilian Regulatory Agency and the Truckers’ Crisis: An Institutional Problem?

By: Ranieri Lima Resende I.     Truckers’ Movement: Lighting the Powder Fuse What had begun as a backlash against the increase in the price of diesel became a national movement of truckers, blocking Brazilian roads through a diffuse, collective protest based on a broad agenda. According to the Finance Minister, Brazilian losses to date […]

Crimes Against Humanity in Venezuela: Can the ICC Bring Justice to Venezuelan Victims?

By: Ayumary M. Fitzgerald Venezuela por haberme dado tanto, estoy contigo en la risa y en el llanto. The widespread and systematic murder, imprisonment, and torture allegedly committed by Venezuelan security forces andcolectivos in 2017 has caught the international community’s attention.Venezuela, a state party to the Rome Statute, has agreed to submit to the jurisdiction […]