The Seedy Underbelly of the World Cup



BY ALEX CALLE—As the 2014 World Cup quickly approaches, about 600,000 foreign fans are predicted to visit host nation Brazil during the tournament. [1] While most people will visit Brazil for the Soccer festivities, many will go in search of underage prostitutes. [2] Currently, between 250,000 and 500,000 child prostitutes are estimated to be roaming […]






Argentina’s Long Road to Recovery



BY YULIA NOVIK-Since 2002, when Argentina defaulted on it $95 billion debt, the country has been locked out from international creditors and experienced constant economic decline. Although no visible changes to Argentinian economy have been noted, some prognoses predict a further and more abrupt downfall, while others predict 2014 to be the beginning of Argentina’s […]



Brazil Passes Groundbreaking Internet Bill



BY NICOLE SOHN-On March 25, 2014, a majority of Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies passed Brazil’s groundbreaking Internet governance bill, Marco Civil da Internet. While the bill must still go through the Federal Senate for consideration and back to the Chamber of Deputies before it can be sanctioned by President Dilma Rousseff, its proponents are confident […]



El Chapo Escapes Justice in America: Mexico Chooses Not to Extradite Cartel Head



BY RYAN FORREST—Mexico’s largest drug kingpin might still face justice, but it probably won’t be in the United States. Recently, the Attorney General of Mexico announced that it has no intention of extraditing Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to the United States to face a wide array of charges across the country, including drug trafficking, money […]



A Twenty-First Century Prisoner Exchange: The Case of the Isaías Brothers



BY: CHRISTOPHER A. NOEL—Two brothers from Latin America are pitting the United States and Ecuador against each other in a battle over the freedom of the press, Edward Snowden, and campaign finance rules. During the most recent Latin American economic crisis, Ecuador’s largest bank, Filanbanco, collapsed leaving Ecuador’s domestic currency worthless and forcing the country […]



What Does The 2014 FIFA World Cup Mean for Human Trafficking in Brazil?



BY CASAUNDRA JOHNSON – In just a couple of months, the 2014 FIFA World Cup will take place in 12 different cities in Brazil.[1] Thousands of people around the world will flock to the country to compete, watch, and celebrate the events. However, such a high profile event comes with the risk of an increase […]



“Open for Business”: The Billion Dollar Plan to Revitalize Mariel



BY KELLY ROWLEY—In 1980, Mariel Harbor provided the departure point for 125,000 Cuban refugees fleeing Cuba for the United States.[1]  Thirty four years later, the seaside town, located 25 miles west of Havana, no longer serves as a symbol of refuge, but rather as a symbol of hope. Such newfound hope stems from an announcement […]



Food Safety Modernization Act: Cooperative Federalism and the Impact on Latin America



BY SEAN MCCLEARY—The Food Safety Modernization Act (“FSMA”), which was passed on December 21, 2010,[1] attempts to increase food safety through cooperative federalism.  Under FSMA, the FDA will work closely with state governments and food importers to increase food inspection.[2]  Consumer interest in food safety has peaked in recent years; the CDC reports that 48 […]




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