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Big Tobacco Tightens its Grip on Underdeveloped Countries



In 2016, we would be hard-pressed to find an American who did not know the dangers of smoking. Since 1965, when the overall American population who smoked was 42.4%, smoking prevalence among adults has steadily declined to the 14.9% rate we are at now. While it is hard to pin-point one specific reason for the […]



Venezuela: A Bomb That Could Explode at Any Moment



By: Isabel Jolicoeur Venezuela is home to one of the biggest oil reserves in the world, yet the citizens of Venezuela are starving. Starving to the extent that they are ransacking food stores as well as hunting dogs, cats, and pigeons for food. According to a recent study by Simón Bolívar University, 87% of Venezuelans […]



Welcome to our new additions



The Inter-American Law Review is excited to welcome its newest candidates. Congratulations to the following candidates: Ian Bertschausen Hailey Blanco Justin Boyd Emily Canney Conrad Clifton Brittany Dubins Miguel Fernandez Maia Fleischman Evan Friedland Amanda Greenberg Daniel Gross Olivia Hansen Bradley Jarrett Isabel Jolicoeur Cortney Knox Mark Lindemann Laura Montiero Michelle Perez Alexandra Rattinger Jesyca […]



The Petrobas Downfall and its Effects on Brazil’s Economy and Political System



BY: CHARLES VERCILLO At one time, owning stock in the Brazilian state-owned Petrobas oil company could be described as promising. However, that promise has waned as allegations of corruption and scandal have plunged the company into a formal “wide-ranging investigation” into the company’s business practices. This scandal, popularly known as “Operation Carwash” revolves around a […]



Mexican Kingpin “El Chapo” Seeks Speedier Extradition to the United States



BY: CONNIE CHEN Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán is back behind bars at the Altiplano prison—the same prison that he escaped from seven months ago. Except this time, he’s asking to be extradited to the United States, and he wants to go as soon as possible. “El Chapo” has become a legend in […]



Carnival Cruises to Cuba: What Passengers Should Know Before They Go



BY: STEPHANIE KOUTSODENDRIS On March 21, 2016, Carnival Cruise Line officially gained approval from the Cuban government to set sail to Cuba. Now that they have been approved, what does this mean for potential passengers? Since the enactment of the Embargo more than 50 years ago under the Helms Burton Act and the Cuban Democracy […]



The Challenges of Internet in Cuba



BY: LUIZ MIRANDA Cuba currently faces many changes due to the recent easing by the United States of its strict Embargo with Cuba. One of these changes relates to the current availability and performance of the country’s internet access. Americans in the United States have come to enjoy widely available internet access. According to the […]




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