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IALR Proudly Announces the Student Notes Selected For Publication

The Inter-American Law Review would like to congratulate the following members on their selection for publication: Richard Perez, Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon Under Jair Bolsonaro’s Reign: A Growing Ecological Disaster and How It May Be Reduced Gabriela Valentín Díaz, The Right to Food in Puerto Rico: Where Colonialism and Disaster Meet Romney Manassa, Federalism in the Era […]

IALR Proudly Presents its 2020-2021 Executive Board

The Inter-American Law Review proudly announces its 2019-2029 Executive Board! Congratulations to these dedicated members of our law review. Editor in Chief: Alex Duffant Executive Editors: Rafael Paz & Joyce Wu Managing Editor: Amber Couzo Student Writing Editor: Vincent Halloran Online Publications Editor: Gabriela Falla Articles and Comments Editors: Abigal Plouf, Annie Rosenthal, Lauren Silk, & Gabriela Valentín Díaz Alumni Advisor Editor: Andrea Ochoa […]

2019 Gaubatz Moot Court Competition

The IALR would like to congratulate Amber Couzo for winning the Gaubatz Moot Court Competition. Congratulations to Annie Rosenthal and Alec Waid for making the Charles C. Papy, Jr. Moot Court Board as well! These members join some of our own—Benjamin Mitrani, Selene C. Vazquez, Josh Levey, Tessa Mears, Jeanelle Gomez, and Justin Weatherwax. Congratulations […]

IALR Proudly Presents its 2019-2020 Candidate Class

The Inter-American Law Review proudly presents the newest candidate class for the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to a great year ahead. Congratulations to the following candidates! Amber Couzo Romney Manassa Richard Perez Lauren Silk Manuel Miguel Ferro Annie Rosenthal Andrew Ochoa Lozano Vincent Halloran Joyce Wu Rafael Paz Gabriela Falla Jeanelle Gomez Alex Duffant […]