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Peru’s Recent Attempt to Deter Cellphone Theft and its Implications for Other Latin American Countries 

By: Monserrat Garcia, 2L A sweeping criminal epidemic has struck several Latin American countries, and Peru is at the forefront of combating it with harsh criminal penalties for what most countries charge as a typical petty crime. In the initial nine months of 2023, the Peruvian telecommunication authority recorded approximately 1.2 million cellphone thefts. In response to […]

A Tale of Two Trade Blocs: The Rise of the Pacific Alliance and the Eventual Fall of Mercosur

By: Rafael Paz, 2L It was the best of trade blocs, it was the worst of trade blocs. It was the age of free trade, it was the age of protectionism. Some trade blocs get a deal with the EU, some . . . don’t. Mercosur, the South American customs union comprised of Brazil, Argentina, […]