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Mexican Kingpin “El Chapo” Seeks Speedier Extradition to the United States

BY: CONNIE CHEN Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán is back behind bars at the Altiplano prison—the same prison that he escaped from seven months ago. Except this time, he’s asking to be extradited to the United States, and he wants to go as soon as possible. “El Chapo” has become a legend in […]

Is Jamaica’s New Year’s Resolution to Decriminalize Ganja?

BY AMANDA ELIZABETH PRESTON- The recent U.S. midterm elections gained attention from an unlikely source in the Caribbean Sea. Members of the Jamaican Government and Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Task Force have praised residents of Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, D.C., for voting to legalize recreational marijuana use and possession. Proponents for the decriminalization of marijuana […]

Policy Rehab: Ramifications of a failed War on Drugs in the Americas

BY LEA UDLER, Symposium Editor Vol. 45 —  On January 27, 2014, the Supreme Court of Florida, in an advisory opinion, held that “voters are given fair notice as to the chief purpose and scope of [a] proposed amendment [to Section 29 of Article X of the Florida Constitution], which is to allow a restricted […]