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Global Corruption, Localized Procedures: Whistleblowing Protections in the Americas

By: Lauren Silk, 2L In light of the recent complaint against President Trump alleging solicitation of foreign interference in U.S. elections, whistleblower protections have reemerged as a hot-button topic. Whistleblowing, however, has a long history in our nation’s consciousness, stemming back to 1778 with the passage by Americans of the world’s first whistleblower protection law—finding […]

Chile’s Food Regulations: A Model Approach to Combating Obesity

By: Manuel Ferro, 3L The Burger King – dethroned. Captain Crunch – demoted. Tony the Tiger – extinct. Chilean children’s favorite food mascots are the latest casualties of Chile’s war on obesity. Realizing that it is extremely difficult to change adults’ eating habits, Chile is instead focusing on transforming its youngest generation into a new […]