Volume 45, Issue 2

Prefatory Matter

Front Matter and Table of Contents



Volume 45:2 From Brasília to Little Haiti and Beyond: IALR’s Spring 2014 Issue
Jamie Lynn Vanaria


Recent Important Decisions by the Brazilian Supreme Court
Keith S. Rosenn

Student Notes/Comments

Out on a Rim: Pacific Rim’s Venture Into CAFTA’s Denial of Benefits Clause
Jordan Behlman

Building Social Capital Through Place-Based Lawmaking: Case Studies of Two Afro- Caribbean Communities in Miami— The West Grove and Little Haiti
Matthew Fowler

A Pathway to the Legal Profession
Chelsea Silvia

El precio de los pesticidas: La criminalizacion de la fumigacion con plaguicidas en Argentina y las repercusiones nacionales e internacionales
Jamie Lynn Vanaria

Back Matter

Back Matter

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