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Ageism in the Workplace: United States and Mexico

By: Benjamin Mitrani In a scene from the Office (US), Jan askes Michael, “[s]o what’s Ryan doing here?”  Michael responded, “[o]h, I dunno, they’re launching a big new business plan.  New website, blah blah blah . . . it’s all about youth, and agility and streamlining and trying to squeeze out the older people.”  Then, […]

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa: The Path Towards Making Major League Baseball Home For Cuban Born Baseball Players

By: Joshua Levey In America, the game of baseball plays a major role for many. Constantly dubbed “America’s Pastime,” baseball is a staple among the majority of the U.S population.  It creates a sense of identity, and it instills values of teamwork and comradery that cannot be replicated in other sports.  Even further past this […]

For the Seventh Consecutive Year, a Majority of the Undocumented Immigrant Population Entered the U.S. Legally

By: Courtney Kaiser Last month, President Trump declared a national emergency on the Mexican border in order to access billions in funding to build a border wall.  The President asserts that the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants from Mexico constitutes a profound threat to national security and justifies the use of emergency action.  However, […]

Sterilized Without Consent: Indigenous Women in Canada Fight for their Bodily Autonomy

By: Ashley Saul In November of 2018, attorney Alisa Lombard of Maurice Law brought a class-action lawsuit against the Saskatchewan Province Health System on behalf of 60 Indigenous women in Canada.  The basis of the suit arose from various Indigenous women who reported to Lombard that they had gone into a publicly funded administered hospital […]