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Indignados: What the 2019 Civil Uprisings can Teach Us in 2020

By: Gabriela Valentín Díaz, 2L Civil unrest in Latin American and Caribbean countries over the past year share many similarities. Perhaps most notably, Latin American constituents expressed their discontent with government actions that perpetuate corruption and inequality. Puerto Rican citizens took to the streets for the second time in less than eight months, demanding the […]

Puerto Rico’s Health Care System: Diminishing Benefits, Quality of Care, and Longevity

BY RAFAEL MAS Sixty percent of residents in Puerto Rico have either Medicare or Medicaid. The population on the island is quickly growing older while less than half of the population contributes to the labor force. Pharmaceutical companies and other businesses were lured to the U.S. territory by tax exemptions until Congress ended corporate tax […]

Puerto Rico’s Looming Debt Crisis

BY ALEXANDRA LEVENSON — While the financial industry seems to be bouncing back from the effects of the 2008 financial crisis and Detroit’s record-breaking municipal bankruptcy, another potentially even greater financial crisis is looming – in Puerto Rico. Home to 3.7 million people, Puerto Rico owes a staggering $70 billion in public debt, behind only […]