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Indignados: What the 2019 Civil Uprisings can Teach Us in 2020

By: Gabriela Valentín Díaz, 2L Civil unrest in Latin American and Caribbean countries over the past year share many similarities. Perhaps most notably, Latin American constituents expressed their discontent with government actions that perpetuate corruption and inequality. Puerto Rican citizens took to the streets for the second time in less than eight months, demanding the […]

Global Corruption, Localized Procedures: Whistleblowing Protections in the Americas

By: Lauren Silk, 2L In light of the recent complaint against President Trump alleging solicitation of foreign interference in U.S. elections, whistleblower protections have reemerged as a hot-button topic. Whistleblowing, however, has a long history in our nation’s consciousness, stemming back to 1778 with the passage by Americans of the world’s first whistleblower protection law—finding […]

Food Safety Modernization Act: Cooperative Federalism and the Impact on Latin America

BY SEAN MCCLEARY—The Food Safety Modernization Act (“FSMA”), which was passed on December 21, 2010,[1] attempts to increase food safety through cooperative federalism.  Under FSMA, the FDA will work closely with state governments and food importers to increase food inspection.[2]  Consumer interest in food safety has peaked in recent years; the CDC reports that 48 […]

Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Latin American Solution

BY THOMAS WHITE–In the early morning of 21 August 2013, the farmers living in the region of Ghouta, Syria, arose to an unexpected and horrific reality: sarin gas rained from the sky.[1]  Although the Syrian civil war had been raging for more than two years prior to the chemical weapons attack, the use of weapons […]