Volume 44, Issue 2

Prefatory Matter

Prefatory Matter and Table of Contents



Order, Progress and Carioca Environments: A Preface to Study Space V
Colin Crawford

A Series of Unfortunate Events In Rio, or, What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Becky L. Jacobs

Por la Senda Ascendente del Positivismo Naturalista y de la Civilizacion: Aproximacion Panoramica a los Casos de Brasil y Colombia en el Paso del Siglo XIX al XX
Antonio Barreto Rozo

Horizons of Inclusion: Life Between Laws and Developments in Rio de Janeiro
Maria Clara Dias and Luis Eslava

Mechanisms of Control on the Circulation of Foreign Capital, Products, and People in Brazil
Quinn Smith and Olavo Franco Bernardes

Brazilian Regularization of Title in Light of Moradia, Compared to the United States Understandings of Homeownership and Homelessness
Marc R. Poirier

Market Price, Social Price, and the Right to the City: Land Taxes and Rates for City Services in Brazil and the United States
Alan M. White

Urban Forced Removals in Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles: North-South Similarities in Race and City
Constance G. Anthony

Student Notes/Comments

Leal Garcia v. Texas: A Foreign National’s Fight With Federalism
Courtney C. Karnes

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