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Back to Basics: Chileans Overwhelmingly Reject a Newly Proposed Constitution

By Sofia Schonenberg, 2L On September 4th, a massive turnout of Chilean voters overwhelmingly rejected a newly proposed progressive constitution. Nearly thirteen million of the fifteen million eligible voters voted against the referendum calling for wider representation. According to the Chile Electoral Service, 62% of voters rejected the proposed constitution supported by leftist President Gabriel […]

Military Intervention in Brazil’s Upcoming Presidential Election?

By Matthew Asnis, 2L With the general election for Brazil’s presidency inching closer, the gap between incumbent Jair Bolsonaro and left-wing candidate Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva is steadily decreasing. On September 7th, Brazil’s Independence Day, Bolsonaro furthered his campaign, urging his supporters and the rest of the country to “take to the streets for […]

Honduran Supreme Court Approves Former President’s Extradition; U.S. Department of Justice Readies Prosecution

By David Scollan, 2L This week, Honduras’ Supreme Court approved the extradition of the country’s former president, Juan Orlando Hernández, to face narcotics and weapons trafficking charges in the United States. He is accused, among other charges, of participating in a wide-ranging drug-trafficking scheme between 2004 and 2022. Notably, his relationship with drug cartels and their leaders, like […]

Start-Up Investment in Latin America Continues to Transform Financial Inclusion

By Tyler Bridgeman, 2L Latin American economies have, on average, grown faster than those of developed regions but still lag far behind the growth of other developing economies. The moderate growth rates forced Latin American governments to search for novel solutions, with many of those governments turning to digital and automation technologies to foster growth. The focus on digitization […]