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A Modern-Day Space Race, with Much Smaller Rockets

By: Tessa Mears China has infiltrated nearly 30 U.S. companies in its newest hacking scandal. This latest hack was completed with compromised Super Micro Computer, Inc. (“Supermicro”) motherboards—the largest supplier of motherboards in the world. The U.S. is no stranger to Chinese hacking. Some industry experts believe the first occurrences go as far back as […]

International Copyright Law and Sampling: The United States’ Refusal to Enforce Other Country’s Copyright Laws

By: Nikolas Dean As streaming services expand the music market exponentially, the opportunity for copyright infringement claims skyrocket.  Musicians sample music from international artists, and those artists attempt to bring copyright infringement claims in the United States.  In some cases, foreign artists ask the American courts to adopt their country’s copyright laws in order to […]

The International Criminal Court Faces a New Challenge: The Venezuelan Mafia State

By: Alec Waid Latin America is currently experiencing one of its most severe refugee displacement crisis in recorded history.  Venezuela is one of the highest contributors to the refugee crisis, with more than 1.5 million Venezuelans fleeing their homes since 2014.  Unfortunately, these refugees face no choice but to flee despite uncertainty of asylum status […]