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Gubernatorial Election: What’s at Stake for the Civil Justice System

By: Oliver Silva On January 7, 2019, three longtime justices of the Florida Supreme Court will be required to leave the court due to reaching a mandatory retirement age. On that same day, Governor Rick Scott will also leave office leaving his replacement with the duty to appoint three new justices. Appointments of Supreme Court […]

Facial Recognition Software Use in Police Departments Worldwide

By: Talia Boiangin Earlier this month, an Amazon employee wrote an op-ed for Medium, claiming that more than 450 employees sent a letter asking Jeff Bezos to stop selling their facial recognition software, “Rekognition,” to police worldwide. This comes just three months after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tested its accuracy with 533 members […]

The International Court of Justice Will Not Force Chile and Bolivia to Negotiate Bolivian Sovereign Access to the Pacific Ocean

By: Amid Bennaim The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled against Bolivia in its dispute with neighboring Chile over access to the Pacific Ocean. The decision came as a heavy blow to the Bolivian government, which views access to the Pacific Ocean as a matter of sovereignty and economic survival. The decision was read […]