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The Battle for Port-Au-Prince

Photo Credit: Ralph Tedy Erol/Reuters By: Anthony Puntasecca, 2L The Haitian people have become increasingly familiar with political instability; the last twenty years have produced only one successful transfer of presidential power between elected officials. Specifically, there has been no president for the last three years following the assassination of Jovenel Moise in 2021. The subsequent appointment […]

To Be or Not to S.B.4: Back and Forth on Texas’s Senate Bill 4

Photo Credit: (AP Photo/Eric Gay) By: Monica Diaz, 2L A contentious new Texas law,  known as Senate Bill 4 or S.B. 4, that aims to grant state and local law enforcement the authority to detain migrants entering the state from Mexico without permission is currently facing an unclear fate. In late February, a federal district judge ordered […]

Canada’s Online News Act: A Blueprint for Regulating Big Tech?

Photo Credit: Koshiro K/Alamy Stock Photo By: Blake Hawthorne, 2L Enacted in June 2023, Bill C-18, popularly known as Canada’s Online News Act, represents a significant move to tackle the financial challenges the news industry faces in the digital era. The Act requires large digital platforms to provide “fair compensation” for displaying Canadian news content. While some […]

Echoes of Change: Navigating Challenges in the Aftermath of the ‘Patria y Vida’ Cuban Protests

Photo Credit: (AFP via Getty Images) By: Diana Alonso Roth On July 11, 2021, the world watched in astonishment as thousands of Cuban citizens took to the streets for the first time in decades to express their grievances against the government. Fueled by discontent over the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, food shortages, and enduring […]