The Rise of FinTech in Latin America



By: Patrick Phelan Financial technology, otherwise known as FinTech, is revolutionizing the way through which individuals partake in financial engagements—without dealing with a traditional bank. “FinTech companies are businesses that leverage new technology to create new and better financial services for both consumers and businesses. It includes companies of all kinds that may operate in […]



The Opposition’s Opposition: Venezuela’s Anti-Social Media Law



By: Katrina Flores Hyperinflation, malnutrition, unprecedented corruption, hunger, and poverty comprise the grocery store list of cracks in the devastated foundation that has inevitably become Venezuela’s economic and humanitarian crisis.  Amidst the turmoil, January 23, 2019 marked yet another crisis as Juan Guaidó, head of the Venezuelan National Assembly, declared himself interim president of the country. […]



The Brazilian Regulatory Agency and the Truckers’ Crisis: An Institutional Problem?



By: Ranieri Lima Resende I.     Truckers’ Movement: Lighting the Powder Fuse What had begun as a backlash against the increase in the price of diesel became a national movement of truckers, blocking Brazilian roads through a diffuse, collective protest based on a broad agenda. According to the Finance Minister, Brazilian losses to date […]



Crimes Against Humanity in Venezuela: Can the ICC Bring Justice to Venezuelan Victims?



By: Ayumary M. Fitzgerald Venezuela por haberme dado tanto, estoy contigo en la risa y en el llanto. The widespread and systematic murder, imprisonment, and torture allegedly committed by Venezuelan security forces andcolectivos in 2017 has caught the international community’s attention.Venezuela, a state party to the Rome Statute, has agreed to submit to the jurisdiction […]



Migrant Caravan: New Immigration Phenomenon



By: Selene C. Vazquez Thousands of Central American migrants left their home countries and have embarked on a more than a thousand-mile journey towards the U.S.–Mexican border with their families. Some of the children are as young as a few weeks old. As these migrants flee poverty and violent crime, they hope to seek political […]



Gubernatorial Election: What’s at Stake for the Civil Justice System



By: Oliver Silva On January 7, 2019, three longtime justices of the Florida Supreme Court will be required to leave the court due to reaching a mandatory retirement age. On that same day, Governor Rick Scott will also leave office leaving his replacement with the duty to appoint three new justices. Appointments of Supreme Court […]



Facial Recognition Software Use in Police Departments Worldwide



By: Talia Boiangin Earlier this month, an Amazon employee wrote an op-ed for Medium, claiming that more than 450 employees sent a letter asking Jeff Bezos to stop selling their facial recognition software, “Rekognition,” to police worldwide. This comes just three months after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tested its accuracy with 533 members […]




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IALR Congratulates Alumnus Honorable Ramiro C. Areces’ Appointment to the Bench



The Inter-American Law Review would like to congratulate one of its alumni, the Honorable Ramiro C. Areces, for his appointment to the bench, where he will serve as a County Court Judge of the Eleventh Circuit of Florida. The investiture of Judge Areces was held October 12th, 2018, and the Chief Judge of the Eleventh […]



IALR Proudly Presents its 2018-2019 Candidate Class



The Inter-American Law Review proudly presents the newest candidate class for the 2018-2019 school year. We look forward to a great year ahead.  Congratulations to the following candidates! Katrina Flores Selene C. Vazquez Augusto M. Vaccaro Alec Waid Oliver Silva Tessa Mears Amid Bennaim Nikolas Dean Courtney Kaiser Benjamin Mitrani Patrick Phelan Joshua Levey Octavious Buiey, […]