Henry Kissinger: A Controversial Legacy



Photo Credit: Betmann Archive By: Max Rothman On November 29, 2023, former United States diplomat and politician Henry Kissinger passed away at 100. Kissinger served as the Secretary of State and a National Security Advisor during the 1970s for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Kissinger was known for his significant involvement in United States’ […]



From Mayor to “World’s Coolest Dictator”: The Rise and Re-election of Nayib Bukele



Photo Credit: Alex Peña/Getty Images By: Margo Jarjoura, 2L Nayib Bukele declared himself the winner of El Salvador’s 2024 Presidential election before the official results were declared. Polls predicted his victory in a landslide, which prompted Secretary of State Antony Blinken to send his congratulations to Bukele on behalf of the U.S. government. One of the most interesting facts […]



Deforestation Levels in Brazil’s Cerrado Region Outpace Levels in the Amazon



Photo Credit: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli By: Elizabeth Arritola, 2L The Cerrado is a biodiverse savanna region in Brazil located southeast of the Amazon. Although the Cerrado is not as well-known as the Amazon, it houses over 800 bird species and almost 200 mammals, providing up to 30% of Brazil’s biodiversity. The Cerrado also has 60 vulnerable animal species. Many of […]



Open Borders vs. Open Waters: Can Texas Block the Flow?



Photo Credit: Go Nakamura / Reuters By: Alexis Phelps, 2L On July 24, 2023, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Texas and its governor, Greg Abbott, for placing a floating buoy barrier across the Rio Grande to deter illegal crossings. The lawsuit alleges Texas and Abbott violated federal law in installing this barrier, citing the […]



“A new government is with you and for you!” – The Impact of Guatemala’s Recent Inauguration of Bernardo Arévalo



Photo Credit: Johan Ordóñez/AFP via Getty Images By: Lia Rosado, 2L Following a history of corruption, Bernardo Arévalo was sworn in as Guatemala’s president early on January 15, 2024 after a last-ditch attempt by his opponents to delay his inauguration. This inauguration sparked a successful defense of the country’s democracy, as prior to his election, Guatemala was […]



Holding the Truth Hostage: Why Paramilitaries’ Calls for Repatriation Should Go Unanswered



By: Sean Werkheiser, 3L Recently, the right-wing paramilitary group Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) called for two former leaders of its predecessor group, the AUC, to be repatriated to Colombia from the United States, where they are currently serving lengthy prison sentences after having been extradited on charges of drug trafficking and materially supporting a foreign terrorist […]



Colombia Declares War on Junk Food



Photo Credit: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group/Getty Images By: Camila Real, 2L Colombia has become one of the first countries to pass a health tax on junk food. Its new Tax Reform Bill imposes a gradual phase of tax increases on ultra-processed foods and foods high in salt and saturated fats. Ultra-processed foods will incur an […]




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IALR Presents its 2022-2023 Executive Board and Candidate Class



The Inter-American Law Review proudly announces its 2022-2023 Executive Board. Congratulations to these dedicated members of our law review: Editor in Chief: Ashley Rahaim Executive Editors: Sara Lazarevic & Marina Santos Managing Editor: David Scollan Student Writing Editors: Nicholas Pierre-Paul & Thalia Rivet Online Publications Editor: Kayla Wong Articles and Comments Editors: Melany Danielson, Sam Kramer, William Schwartz, & Giovanna Spargo Alumni Advisor […]



IALR Presents its 2021-2022 Executive Board and Candidate Class



The Inter-American Law Review proudly announces its 2021-2022 Executive Board. Congratulations to these dedicated members of our law review: Editor in Chief: Alexa Garcia Executive Editors: Kristina Thoren & Jessica Santos Managing Editor: Alejandra de la Camara Student Writing Editors: Camila Chediak & Alejandro Anselmi Gonzalez Online Publications Editor: Nicole Vila Articles and Comments Editors: Minerva Santiago Acevedo, Samantha Johnson, David Prieto & […]