COVID-19 and the Impacts on International Trade



By: Kristina Thoren, 2L Flashed upon many of our news screens there have been news articles detailing a second wave of COVID-19 coming. There is now a strong urgency to make sure there is a collaborative international response to deal with governance frameworks that impact international trade. No country can entirely be self-sufficient, trade is […]



Cuban Embargo Cont.: The U.S. Imposes New Sanctions Against Cuba



By: Andres Chinchilla, 2L On September 23, 2020,  the Trump Administration imposed new sanctions against the Cuban government. These sanctions restrict U.S. travelers from, among other things, importing Cuban cigars or staying in government-owned hotels. This new policy follows recent restrictions by the Trump Administration targeting U.S. travel to Cuba. Such travel restrictions include the […]



Why Status Plebiscites Mean Nothing Without Congressional Action and the Uncertain Future of Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act of 2020



By: Alejandro Anselmi Gonzalez, 2L The United States has been in possession of Puerto Rico since 1898. Since then, Congress, under authority conferred by the Territory Clause, has passed multiple laws incorporating Puerto Rico into the American constitutional framework. For instance, the Foraker Act of 1900 established a civilian government in Puerto Rico; the Jones-Shafroth […]



Canadian Border Closures Highlight the Need for the United States to Address the Insulin Crisis Domestically



By: Samantha Johnson, 2L Since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, analysts and researchers have keenly observed the effects that COVID-19 has had on factors outside of the obvious health repercussions. For months, it has been a daily rundown on new and different ways that COVID-19 is impacting peoples everyday lives. However, a minor […]



A Pattern of Downplaying COVID-19: A Closer Look into how the Trump Administration and the Bolsonaro Administration have handled COVID-19



By: Jillian Blumenthal, 2L A year ago, almost no one could have imagined the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to societies across the globe. Words such as quarantine and social distancing began to dominate our vocabulary. Countries around the world have taken different approaches in an attempt to combat COVID-19. Some of the approaches […]



CFPB Policy Change Leaves Americans Vulnerable to Predatory Payday Lenders



By: Danielle A Greenberg, 2L If COVID is an invisible enemy, it has successfully held the U.S. under siege for several months. And with resources running low, both the Legislature and the Trump Administration have decided to follow the example set by Vercengetorix, expelling their most vulnerable citizens into a no-man’s-land of debt and financial […]



A Global Call for ICE Investigation: Disturbing Allegations in Whistleblower Complaint Raise Concern Over Hysterectomies Performed at Georgia Detention Center



By: Sofia Waterhouse, 3L Dawn Wooten, a licensed practical nurse formerly employed by the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) in Georgia, recently filed a whistleblower report claiming an alarmingly high rate of hysterectomies performed on Spanish speaking women at the detention center. On September 14th, Project South, along with several other human rights groups, filed […]




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IALR Proudly Announces the Student Notes Selected For Publication



The Inter-American Law Review would like to congratulate the following members on their selection for publication: Richard Perez, Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon Under Jair Bolsonaro’s Reign: A Growing Ecological Disaster and How It May Be Reduced Gabriela Valentín Díaz, The Right to Food in Puerto Rico: Where Colonialism and Disaster Meet Romney Manassa, Federalism in the Era […]



IALR Proudly Presents its 2020-2021 Executive Board



The Inter-American Law Review proudly announces its 2019-2029 Executive Board! Congratulations to these dedicated members of our law review. Editor in Chief: Alex Duffant Executive Editors: Rafael Paz & Joyce Wu Managing Editor: Amber Couzo Student Writing Editor: Vincent Halloran Online Publications Editor: Gabriela Falla Articles and Comments Editors: Abigal Plouf, Annie Rosenthal, Lauren Silk, & Gabriela Valentín Díaz Alumni Advisor Editor: Andrea Ochoa […]