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Mexican Avocado Imports Resume after Brief Ban Due to Drug Cartel’s Threats

By Ashley Rahaim, 2L As of recent years, the avocado demands keep rising within the United States, making avocados one of Mexico’s chief exports from the Michoacán region. In 2020, the United States imported $2.8 billion of the total $3 billion of avocados exported out of the area as a whole.  Due to the profitability of the avocado industry, cartels […]

Canada Invokes Emergencies Act in Response to ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests

By Kayla Wong, 2L For the first time in history, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for the enactment of Canada’s Emergencies Act to bestow the government added powers in times of national crisis. The recent call for emergency powers comes after protesters blocked a major international bridge for nearly a week. The Canadian Ambassador Bridge ties Windsor […]

Puerto Rico’s Unprecedented Bankruptcy Comes to an End

By Sara Lazarevic, 2L Puerto Rico’s five-year bankruptcy is finally coming to an end. In January, a federal judge approved a restructuring plan that will slash the island’s debt by $33 billion, reducing the debt by 80 percent. It’s the largest restructuring plan the U.S.—or the world—has seen, surpassing the prior record holder, Detroit, by nearly $56 […]

Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office Is Now Accepting Applications for Position Trademarks

By Natalie Benayoun, 3L On September 21, 2021, the Brazil National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) published a new rule allowing brands to register position trademarks. The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) began accepting applications for this new type of filing on October 1, 2021. Brazil’s decision to allow the registrability of position trademarks affords brands […]