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The Treaty of Tlatelolco: What Countries Today can Learn from Mexico’s Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

By: Romney Manassa Unbeknownst to most Americans, Mexico played a pivotal role in keeping our country—and arguably the entire world—safe from nuclear conflict. Following the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the country launched a campaign to denuclearize Latin America, which was the first attempt at denuclearization in a vast and populous region, let alone one […]

Conditional Citizenship: Redefining Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

BY LINET SUAREZ- The Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration recently passed a controversial new law that is challenging conventional notions of citizenship. The new law was first introduced in February 2014 as the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.[1] The new law modifies residency requirements, increases fees for applications for citizenship, and expands the age range […]

Canada, Where You “Have It Your Way”: A Look at the Growing Trend of Tax Inversion

BY AMY SOTO-  On September 22, 2014, the United States Treasury Department announced a new set of measures aimed at reducing the tax benefits of corporate inversions. The government has struggled as of late to keep U.S.-based companies in America because foreign countries provide a more hospitable tax environment for corporations. The U.S. tax code […]