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Mechanisms of Control on the Circulation of Foreign Capital, Products, and People in Brazil

BY QUINN SMITH and OLAVO FRANCO BERNARDES — Brazil is a topic of extensive discussion and the growth of its economy has triggered a wave of interest and investment. In many ways, the internal workings of the Brazilian government remain a mystery. Brazil has a history of complex bureaucracy, which has led to the term […]

Brazilian Regularization of Title in Light of Moradia, Compared to the United States Understandings of Homeownership and Homelessness

BY MARC R. POIRIER — This Essay is the first fruit of a project arising from observations made during a week-long study trip to Rio de Janeiro in July, 2010. It considers in a preliminary way some cultural resonances of a program of regularizing title (regularizacao) to dwellings in Rio’s favelas, comparing them to recent […]

Market Price, Social Price, and the Right to the City: Land Taxes and Rates for City Services in Brazil and the United States

BY ALAN M. WHITE — Brazil’s 1988 Constitution and 2001 City Statute explicitly adopt the concept of a right to the city articulated by French philosopher Henri Lefebvre. As residents of Rio de Janeiro’s informal self-constructed communities achieve success in their struggle for legalization and citizenship, they are confronted with the high market price of […]

Urban Forced Removals in Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles: North-South Similarities in Race and City

BY CONSTANCE G. ANTHONY — In April of 2010, Rio de Janeiro’s mayor, Eduardo Paes, announced that two in-city, poor, and largely Afro-Brazilian neighborhoods, Morro dos Prazeres and Laboriaux, would be cleared and all inhabitants would be forced to move. Despite devastating winter storms, which had indicated again the precariousness of Rio’s hillside favelas, this […]