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The Brazilian Regulatory Agency and the Truckers’ Crisis: An Institutional Problem?

By: Ranieri Lima Resende I.     Truckers’ Movement: Lighting the Powder Fuse What had begun as a backlash against the increase in the price of diesel became a national movement of truckers, blocking Brazilian roads through a diffuse, collective protest based on a broad agenda. According to the Finance Minister, Brazilian losses to date […]

Crimes Against Humanity in Venezuela: Can the ICC Bring Justice to Venezuelan Victims?

By: Ayumary M. Fitzgerald Venezuela por haberme dado tanto, estoy contigo en la risa y en el llanto. The widespread and systematic murder, imprisonment, and torture allegedly committed by Venezuelan security forces andcolectivos in 2017 has caught the international community’s attention.Venezuela, a state party to the Rome Statute, has agreed to submit to the jurisdiction […]