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Colombia Declares War on Junk Food

Photo Credit: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group/Getty Images By: Camila Real, 2L Colombia has become one of the first countries to pass a health tax on junk food. Its new Tax Reform Bill imposes a gradual phase of tax increases on ultra-processed foods and foods high in salt and saturated fats. Ultra-processed foods will incur an […]

Guyana Proposes to Become the Caribbean’s Food Hub: An Approach to Food Sovereignty Through Food Import Reduction 

Photo Credit : World Bank By: 2L, Lauryn Holliday On Monday, September 25, 2023, Zulfikar Mustapha, the Agriculture Minister of Guyana, proposed to the President of the Islamic Development Bank, Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman, Guyana’s plan to become a Food Hub for the Caribbean, which will assist the Caribbean in achieving food sovereignty. Food sovereignty is “a process that […]

Unregulated Artificial Intelligence: Automating the Loss of Civilization

By Sanobar Valiani, 2LArtificial intelligence (“AI”) aims to replicate human intelligence so precisely that a machine can be made to stimulate it. Since 2010, AI has made its way to the center of investment and political focus, promising “to give everyone incredible new capabilities” in sectors, including healthcare, retail, finance, transport, manufacturing, and government services. AI […]

IALR Proudly Announces 2022-2023 Annual Student Award Recipients

Sara Lazarevic, Executive Editor, received the Lilian R. Levy Award. This award was created by alumna Ester Levy Blyn in honor of her mother. It is awarded each year to the Executive Board member who displays extraordinary dedication to the improvement of the publication. Melany Danielson, Articles and Comments Editor, received the Most Outstanding ACE […]