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After Car Wash: Arbitration of Brazilian Infrastructure Contracts

By: Maria Eduarda Vita Passo 1.              Introduction Infrastructure is a key sector in the socioeconomic development of a nation. Due to its prominent role, it calls for heavy investments and funding, as well as the active participation of public agents and officials with the power to dispose of state assets and resources. [1]Notably in relation […]

When U.S. e-Discovery Travels Through the Americas

By: Annie Rosenthal, 2L In today’s world, companies can easily conduct business with just a click on a mouse, touchpad, or smartphone screen. As convenient as this appears, it poses a problem during litigation involving multinational corporations that rely heavily on the use of technology and electronically stored information (ESI). Federal Rule of Civil Procedure […]

IALR Proudly Presents its 2019-2020 Candidate Class

The Inter-American Law Review proudly presents the newest candidate class for the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to a great year ahead. Congratulations to the following candidates! Amber Couzo Romney Manassa Richard Perez Lauren Silk Manuel Miguel Ferro Annie Rosenthal Andrew Ochoa Lozano Vincent Halloran Joyce Wu Rafael Paz Gabriela Falla Jeanelle Gomez Alex Duffant […]

Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment—What’s Next for the Biggest Country in South America

By: Laura Monteiro She was the tip of the iceberg! On August 31, 2016, Brazilians were anxious to learn about the results of President Dilma Rouseff’s impeachment process. To their relief, the country first’s female president was removed from office with more than two-thirds of the congressional votes that are needed. [1] She was charged […]