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Unregulated Artificial Intelligence: Automating the Loss of Civilization

By Sanobar Valiani, 2LArtificial intelligence (“AI”) aims to replicate human intelligence so precisely that a machine can be made to stimulate it. Since 2010, AI has made its way to the center of investment and political focus, promising “to give everyone incredible new capabilities” in sectors, including healthcare, retail, finance, transport, manufacturing, and government services. AI […]

Nicaragua Slides Further into Authoritarianism

By: Clady Corona, 2L It has been almost five years since Daniel Ortega, the President of Nicaragua and leader of the Sandinista National Labor Front party, announced changes to the country’s pension system that sparked protests and demonstrations. Since then, the country has largely remained under the radar while morphing further into an authoritarian regime. […]

Hyper-Inflation in Argentina

By: Jonathan Reiner, 2L Argentina has been facing high inflation issues with rates soaring past 100%. This is primarily due to a combination of factors, such as excessive money printing, high government spending, and a lack of confidence in the country’s economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated the situation, with lockdowns and supply chain […]

Canadian Banks: Why Following the Rules Works

By: Alexander Díaz-Thomas, 3L The American banking system is currently in freefall after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”). Self-described as a “financial partner of the innovation economy,” SVB was a large commercial bank that served to funnel money into new high-tech ventures, start-ups, and investments in Silicon Valley. After SVB’s implosion, the American […]