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Dwindling Funds: Jamaica’s Regulatory Oversight of Securities Amid Unprecedented Fraud Allegations

By Asha Wedemier-Allan, 2L This year, Jamaican authorities launched an investigation into a Kingston-based private investment firm. On January 10, 2023, Stocks and Securities Limited (“SSL”) notified authorities that a firm employee allegedly stole client funds. A preliminary investigation identified that the SSL employee defrauded the elderly, an Olympic gold medalist, and government agencies. The […]

Talks of Common Currency Between Brazil and Argentina Met with Criticism

By Patrick Furman, 2L In a recently published article in the Argentine newspaper Perfil, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Argentine President Alberto Fernández announced preliminary discussions to create a common currency for use in the South American region. The leaders explained that the proposed common currency is not aimed at replacing the […]

Drop Your Weapons: Breakdown in Initial Peace Talks Between Colombia’s Government and the ELN Proves Troubling for the Petro Administration

By Sebastian Villanueva, 3L On December 31, 2022, Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced that there would be a six-month bilateral ceasefire agreement with the National Liberation Army (“ELN”), a leftist guerilla group in Colombia. The ceasefire was scheduled to commence on January 1, 2023. This announcement was lauded as a “breakthrough” by United Nations Secretary-General […]

The Biden Administration’s Use of Parole May Help Calm the Southern Border

By Noah Rust, 2L Earlier this year, the Biden administration announced that it will expand the use of an immigration program to allow migrants temporary residency in the United States. The approach, known as ‘parole,’ allows migrants from designated countries to enter the United States for humanitarian or other urgent reasons. This plan is based […]