IALR Proudly Announces the Student Notes Selected For Publication

The Inter-American Law Review would like to congratulate the following members on their selection for publication:

  • Selene Vazquez, The Equal Protection Clause & Suspect Classifications:
    Children of Undocumented Entrants
  • Alec Waid, An Old Solution to a New Problem—Promoting Use Universal Jurisdiction to Combat the Latin American Displacement Crisis
  • Tessa Mears, How Animal Science Products, Inc. Plays a Role in the China and the U.S. International Relations Saga
  • Amid Bennaim, The Death of the Independent Venezuelan Judiciary
  • Courtney Kaiser, Immigrant Entrepreneurs & U.S. Immigration Policy: A Barrier to Individuals, Innovation, and Startup Growth?
  • Octavious Buiey, Copyright’s Facelift: An Analysis of the New Look of Copyright Following the Music Modernization Act and the USMCA
  • Madeleine Elser, Cuban Asset Control Regulations: The Transfer of Estate Assets to Cuban Heirs Under the Obama & Trump Administrations
  • Ashley Saul, The Honduran Exodus: Understanding the Migrant Crisis at the Southwest Border

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